About Me

My name is Francesco DiChiara and I am a professional tailor with over 50 years experience.

I was born in Italy and studied when I was 7 yrs old in Salemi Italy. At 16yrs old I moved to Turin to learn the art of industrial manufacturing. I worked at Facis Clothing Manufacturer as a foreman and later became an inspector. I later moved to Milan and studied the cutting and designing of clothing.

I then ventured to work for the largest company in France.

When I arrived in the United States I worked for Robert Hall in New York and later started my own company manufacturing woman’s clothing.

My passion and love of Tailoring has allowed me to continue in Alterations here in Inverness, Florida. I can alter any clothing to custom fit any woman or man. My alterations are from simple hems to more complex work, all of which I enjoy.

Feel free to call me to discuss your project and to set up a time that is best. Call me at 352-423-3897 or 352-419-4932.